Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation Bisque 4

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation Bisque 4

So, what is the foundation of a good makeup?  Lol… just kidding… Obviously it’s called foundation for a reason, right? Lol. However, finding the right foundation is not a simple task as there are no obvious answers. I have tried so many that I have lost count, yet I still haven’t found my perfect match. Some came very close though but one, more so then any other. That is, “Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation Bisque 4”.

The best thing I like about this foundation is, that it has a denser texture than any other foundations I have used and with such viscosity it gives a perfect medium to full coverage. Foundation easily blends and covers really good. Regardless of its dense formulation, “Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation Bisque 4” feels lighter on the skin and looks very natural.

As a beauty artist I like a flawless and even skin, both in tone and in texture, that gives me a buildable canvas upon which I can carve the features. With “Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation Bisque 4”, this is easily achieved and I have experienced it on my own face as well as my clients’.

It is also impressive that, even after wearing it for the whole day it doesn’t slide off or get greasy. Just to play around a bit, I have also tried it with a light moisturiser and primer, which does improve the skin texture but also feels a bit heavy on the face. In my opinion however, it is good enough on its own.

It comes in liquid form in a bottle with a pump, and offers a 15 shades swatch. Formulation is quite good and it takes 2 to 3 pumps worth of product to cover the entire face. It is suitable for a wide range of skin tones and types but I think it’s perfect for normal or dry skin.

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation Bisque 4, comes with a price tag of £71.96 for a 30ml bottle, which in my opinion worth every penny because our entire makeup regime depends on our foundation… We get that right… We look beautiful… We get that wrong…Well… We still look beautiful… but a little less…Lol.

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