Benefit’s Dandelion

Benefit’s Dandelion

Finally, summer is at full bloom here in UK. Well… when I say full bloom, I meant that its hot and sticky and everyone is looking for the fans they bought last year Lol. Wearing makeup in this weather can be a challenge, especially when it comes to powders. In this heat cheap blushes can crack and make our face look as if we just had a sun burn. So, today I’m gonna talk about a face powder that is definitely not CHEAP… £26 for a 7gm box… but goodness…, it’s worth breaking your bank over, so empty your pockets for “Benefit’s Dandelion” Lol…

It’s pinky/peachy shade is perfect for a wide range of skin tones and the powder is so fine and pigmented that it gives my cheeks a subtle, natural looking and flawless colour in one stroke. Two to three strokes will be good if you are after a sweet pink glow on your cheeks. I have used Benefit Dandelion Benefit’s Dandelion as a finishing powder too and have got fabulous results.

It comes with a nice and sturdy brush that I found to be super soft and it has the perfect width to be comfortably used on my face. The box is also rather cute, but that doesn’t matter because if this powder came in a can of baked beans it would still be found in my makeup kit Lol…

I think you can’t go wrong with this awesome product and summer or not… It’s a must have for all us beauties. 😉😉

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